What Does Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover in Fort Wayne

Learn More about Comprehensive Car Insurance Coverage in Fort Wayne

What does comprehensive car insurance cover in Fort Wayne? Before you head out to Fort Wayne, make sure that you're prepared for the liability and damage that you'll encounter.

Liability is just one aspect of your insurance policy. It deals with injuries caused by accidents. So it covers injuries from 'accidents' where you might be the party at fault.

When you're buying a vehicle, you're typically paying for the value of the vehicle (the price at which it was purchased) as well as any payments you make toward the loan, such as a lease, or any payments you've made toward monthly payments on your credit card. Whatever you paid out in cash for your vehicle, your coverage will include that.

Liability covers the costs that you will have to pay out to repair your vehicle. Damage to your car will not only include the cost of your vehicle, but the cost of repairs if it is destroyed or rendered inoperable. So coverage for liability covers both damages.

What kind of accident will be covered under your coverage? We've all heard the classic quote, 'an accident is only an accident if the other person is responsible.' And we all know how important it is to not get involved in an accident that you cannot afford to pay for. So, if there's an accident, your insurance will help you pay for the damage, even if it is from another person who isn't responsible.

Collision coverage is essentially a collision damage waiver that you get when you buy a car, truck, or SUV. Collision coverage only covers the cost of the damage to your car, not the repair costs.

Comprehensive coverage only covers the cost of any medical costs. Medical costs may include hospital stay, dental work, prescription drugs, emergency room visits, prosthetic limb surgery, surgery for severe wounds, outpatient surgery, corrective eye surgery, etc.

What does comprehensive car insurance cover in Fort Wayne? First, let's look at what liability coverage does not cover.

Liability can only cover the costs that you incur as a result of someone else's negligence. So, if you were to hit someone else, the only costs that would be covered are the amount of money that you pay out for medical bills as a result of the accident. Damage to your car will be covered, as will the medical costs you incur.

No matter what other kinds of coverage you might want, liability will cover the costs. And that means that if you're involved in an accident and you are the one who is at fault, you will have to deal with having to deal with the money that you don't have to pay out.

This doesn't mean that you will never have to pay anything out of pocket. But, if you have liability coverage and someone else was at fault, your payments will be minimal, and, hopefully, not as much as the costs of your car and other expenses.

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